Our Paints Is Environment Friendly Paint which let u breathe in Fresh Environment.


Our Quality Products Provide You Extra Coverage Then Other Paints Which Safe Your Money.


Our Advance Formulation Provide Smooth Finish To Your Walls Which Make Them Feel Great.

United Paints was Established in Lahore by Mr. Mian Javed Hussain and his Sons Mr. Subhani Javed and Mr. Umair Javed in Year 2002. United Paints beleive in "Customer Centericity" so manufacturing different quality maintained paint products for all your interior and exterior needs. We have Suppliers/Dealers in more than 32 Cities of Pakistan and still aiming to reach many others as we believe in continuous struggle and innovation. However with all the innovative changes we have gone through for more than decade of stepping into paint industry there are certain things that are and will always continue to remain same like our commitment to serving our customers the best we can, our enthusiasm to flourish with excellence and above of all our commitment to quality and its sustainability. We are looking upon for your continued support as we move forward in our journey of beautifull colours as our brand slogan depicts it better "BEAUTY REBORN"